10/6/07- Zan does it again and again!  Zan took double BIS at the GA National Fair show today!  Thank you to judges, Peter Herman and John Soper.
9/10/07- With a heavy heart, the last of my Texel babies have been posted for sale.  The majority of my texel herd went to Dyanasty Caviary and I wish Elizabeth many years of wins with them.  She is so close by that I will be able to still keep an eye on them!
8/11/07- Cashiers, NC Double Show- I took Zan out for the first time at the NCCBA's infamous Cashiers Double show where he took double BIS!  Thank you to the judges, Jim Hupp & Frank Westley.  Below are a few photos from the day:

   ZaBISBCashiers.jpg (90611 bytes)      ZanBISCashiers.jpg (66297 bytes)      ZanBISACashiers.jpg (95594 bytes)

4/2007, Tampa, FL- Galatea takes Double BIS at the 2007 ACBA Specialty Show!!

2007ACBASpecShowBIS-RIS.jpg (86479 bytes)     2007FLStateShowBIS-RIS.jpg (52227 bytes)

3/3/07- Eildon won double BIS at the triple show in Dalton today!!  Don was judging the third show.  Eildon then went on to be picked as "Best of the Best"- This is Galatea's 2nd year winning this notable award.  Thank you to Dalton judges, Jim Hupp, Linda Clevenger & John Soper.

To top things off, Don won BIS Show A with a wonderful Mini Lop doe, who then went on to capture "Best of the Best" Rabbit!!  It was a superb day for us.

Below are a few pictures from the day:

Dalton2007BestoftheBest.jpg (72435 bytes)     Dalton2007BestoftheBest2.jpg (95320 bytes)

2/3/07- Eildon won BIS at the Super Bowl of Cavies in Tampa, Florida!  Thank you, judge Diana Mortenson!  It was great spending the day with the Florida fancers, who are always welcoming.
10/29/06- Added a few new profiles pages and updated the For Sale page.
7/5/06- Wow, its been 2 months since my last web update??!!  Oops, sorry about that for all of you who check-in on Galatea regularly.  Well, I have been busy moving topsoil and building gardens this summer, even with mother nature throwing a drought my way.  So, consequently, I have also been doing lots of watering, which has also delayed me in getting to update this site...Anyhow...here is the little I have to tell during these past hot and slow-cavy-show months:

On 6/3/06, Don and I went to the Central Florida RBA double show in Deland where we took a double BIS (Don= BIS rabbit and me= BIS cavy (Galatea Telfair), respectively).  It was a super day and I was so happy for Don- all of his hard work is starting to pay off.  George Long also gave me RIS with a red/white texel, so it was a very good show for Galatea.  

All of my spring show pigs are now in breeding, including Galatea Skibo.  As my next show is not until September, I decided to put the best of the spring genes to work.  I have several babies who will be young come fall, but who are looking pretty promising, particularly 2 peruvian boars.  I will keep you posted on the youngsters.

I also have several babies for sale, so check out the Sales page in the next few days when I get to updating that page.  

Bye for now!

5/7/06- Sorry about the lack of updates- life has just been very busy these past few months for me.  Lots of news to tell though...

After Caumsett's 4th BIS at the 3/25/05 Decatur RBA, Monroe, GA show under the Honorable Jim Hupp, he was retired to the breeding pen with Galatea Laurelton and a few other sows.

I have updated a few pages, Galatea Caumsett and Galatea Telfair, as well as, added a new profile of Galatea Skibo.  I also added a few sows on the Sales page.

I haven't been showing that much this spring due to my hectic schedule.  My next show is scheduled to be on 6/3/06 in DeLand, Florida.

3/13/06- A bit of news to tell.  On 3/4/06, I took a few pigs to the Dalton, GA Triple show.  Caumsett did very well, winning 2 BIS and "The Best of the Best" Award.  It was really nice to see old friends as well. 

I updated Caumsett's page as well as added another profile page of Silkie lass, Galatea Laurelton.

2/24/06-  I updated the Available Cavies page with a few boars that I have for sale.  I do have a few sows to post, but need to snap a few shots of them first.

I also updated the Caviary with a few of my 2006 show cavies.

1/16/06- Don and I went down to the Florida State Convention this past weekend.  We had a great time and once again it was a pleasure showing with the Floridian cavy fanciers.  They are a super hard-working group of folks.

Galatea did very well on the show tables.  With only 2 entries showing in 3 shows, here are the results:

Florida State Cavy Breeders Specialty- BIS Galatea Taliesin; RIS Galatea Caumsett  (Thank you, Waldemar Perez!)

First Coast Cavy Club Specialty- BIS Galatea Taliesin; RIS Galatea Caumsett  (Thank you, Barb Butler!)

Florida State Convention Show B- BIS Galatea Caumsett (Thank you, Cliff Dick!)

BIS-RISFLStateConvention.jpg (107598 bytes)  WaldemarBIS-RIS25.jpg (190660 bytes)

**Tali is enjoying his life as a breeder now.  He has been a super show pig, with 4 BIS, 1 RIS, and 7 legs to his credit.  I will miss grooming him out, but hope that he will be as successful in the breeding pen as he was on the show tables.

Happy New Year!

1/8/06- Sorry that it has been ages since my last web update.  Well, with saying that, there is lots of news to tell...

-First off, I have given the website an entirely new look.  I hope you all like it as much as I do.

-Secondly, Don and I finally purchased a new digital camera over the holidays.  We decided that over a year of not having one was too much to bare.  Of course, I thought a month was too long, but that is an entirely different story....I have added a few new pages to the Caviary to feature my early 2006 show prospects, as well as, updated my Sales page.

-Lastly, I recently sold my golden agouti program to Jennifer Watt (NJ).  I wish her the best of luck with them.  I have decided that I will start up another variety, keeping it very small, self blacks.  Stay tuned for developments on that.

Cheers, Jen

10/8/05- Gemma and Galatea Coe won double BIS at the GA National Fair in Perry, GA!  Way to go!  Best of luck to them at Nationals- I will be rooting for the hometown team!  Go GA!

P1060015.JPG (138658 bytes)

9/17/05- I took a few pigs to our local club show, the Decatur RBA in Monroe, GA.  It was a double show and Galatea did very well.  Under Lisa Cohen, Taliesin won BIS, Larkin BOB Silkie, and Austin BOB Texel.  Under Cliff Dick, Tal won RIS, and both Larkin and Austin again won their breeds, as well as, one of my baby junior texels won Best Jr in Show.
9/10/05 - New pictures up of Taliesin (Peruvians) and Larkin (Silkies), plus a new texel profile, Galatea Austin.
8/29/05- New pictures of upcoming Galatea show pigs on Silkie and Peruvian pages.  Also, a few sales pigs have been added to the Sales Page.  
7/13/05 - Sharing recent pictures of Gala's Coe, a golden agouti/white peruvian being coated out by Gemma Steahr.  In June, I gave Gemma Coe as I had a limited schedule and many promising babies to start in wraps.  He has really turned out nice- he excels in texture, balance, and color intensity (his rich golden agouti almost looks black).  He is a son of Gala's Kelso, a favorite silkie from 2004.  I wish Gemma much luck with Coe at the late Summer/Fall shows.  When Coe is ready for the breed pen, I hope I can hit Gemma up for a baby from him!  Coe's sister is still residing at Galatea and recently went into breeding.

  P1050592.JPG (155004 bytes)  P1050591.JPG (151204 bytes)

7/12/05 - Special thanks to Jahcqui Guardiola for sending pictures from the Deland, Florida double show where Galatea's Meudon was BIS/RIS and Galatea's Oheka was BIS/Honorable Mention.

 jen double win (2)2.jpg (194270 bytes)  Jen BIS.JPG (92401 bytes)

6/16/05 - Special thanks to Scott Vay of Demya Cavies for sending me pictures of Meudon (Silkies) and Oheka (Peruvians) during our weekend in Deland, Florida.  
6/13/05 - I put up a few pictures under Peruvians and Silkies of my current "ladies".  I also listed my only pair of Satin Silkies for sale.   
6/8/05 - Don and I traveled to Deland, Florida for a double show this past weekend.  It was a wonderful experience, as the Floridian cavy folks are all extremely hospitable and a real credit to the fancy.  Meudon won his 4th BIS and a RIS, while my peruvian black/white senior sow won the other BIS.  I hope to have pictures of the day up soon.  
 5/17/05 - Meudon won his third BIS last Saturday under Linda Clevenger at the Smoky Mtns Rabbit & Cavy Club show in Knoxville, TN.  It was a beautiful site with some wonderful fanciers in attendence.  Congratulations also is in order to Miss Brooklyn Browner and her Peruvian winning BIS (under Don) and RIS!