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Galatea's Alexandria Bay
Black & White Peruvian Sow
Lineage:  Iverson (sire), Galatea (dam)
Nice show prospect, vg size, color intensity, good density and texture.  Good color distribution and patching.
Galas_Alexandria_Bay.jpg (28074 bytes)


Galatea's Berwick
Black & White Peruvian Boar
Lineage:  Galatea (dam), Iverson (sire)
Nice boar, a tad chewed at weaning, nice coat development, very good patching and size
BlkW_Baby_4Sale.jpg (31598 bytes)


Galatea's Troy
Golden Agouti & White Peruvian
Lineage:  Galatea, Iverson
Show Winnings:  BOB OCC Fundraiser - 3/2003

Still in full show coat

Galas_Troy_overview.jpg (42374 bytes)


Galatea's Kittanning
Golden Agouti & White Peruvian Boar
Lineage:  Galatea, Iverson
Nice show prospect
$35- Sale Pending
GAW_Baby_4Sale.jpg (51321 bytes)   Galas_Kit_4_03.jpg (27193 bytes)