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Galatea Caviary was begun in 1996 after I fell in love with a hairy guinea pig I saw in a pet shop.  At that time, I was astonished that a guinea pig could look like that.  After a few weeks, I contacted a local guinea pig breeder, Laurette Rockwitz, to buy a mate for my lonely long-haired peruvian.  And after that eventful visit with Laurette, my life changed dramatically as I entered into the wonderful world of show cavies.

My first cavy show was in the Spring of '97 at an Ontario Cavy Club Fundraiser, where I took Best In Show with a TSW texel.  After that, I was hooked.  All these years later and after many great wins, I continue to strive to bring beauty to life.  Although, I some times question my sanity in devoting a large portion of my life to showing/raising/grooming guinea pigs!    


Below are pictured a few of 

Galatea's past show-winning beauties.

Galatea's Elvis


Galatea's Stars 'n Stripes

1999 BIS OCC Convention 1999 BIS Cortland, NY
1999 BIS MACBA Classic 1999 BOSB ACBA Specialty
1999 BOV ACBA Specialty Show  


Galatea's Salamanca

Galatea's Opus

BIS- 2002 MACBA Classic Show   
BOB- 2002 ACBA Specialty Show